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The aircraft of the future!

Why choose a VL3?

The VL3 is a top-of-the-line aircraft that is widely recognized for its quality of construction, its incredible performance, as well as its affordable operating cost. It is made of all-carbon materials, which gives it a light weight and a high quality finish. In addition, it offers an infinite choice of colors and designs to suit all tastes.

In flight, the VL3 is known for its great maneuverability, stability, impressive cruising speed and ability to land in a very short distance.

The VL3 is one of the fastest side-by-side ultralights in the world and can be fully equipped for instrument and/or night flying. Finally, it is both stylish and powerful, making it a perfect choice for pilots looking for an exceptional flying experience.

Which category?

VL3 aircraft equipped with 912S and/or 914 engines are classified as advanced ultralights by Transport Canada, allowing them to be registered in this category in Canada. The owner  can do all maintenance, repairs, and modifications with in accordance with its manufacturer’s instructions. He is therefore obliged to respect all the maintenance requirements of the manufacturer. 

The VL3 915 or turbine aircraft are classified in the special limited airworthiness category in Canada and can be fully equipped for IFR/night flight. Maintenance must be performed by a certified mechanic.

What permit is required?

Category advanced ultra-light aéroplanes: the pilot must hold a ULM permit. It will be authorized to obtain a passenger-carrying endorsement if it passes a flight test with a Transport Canada approved examiner.

Special limited airworthiness category: The pilot must hold a PPL license or commercial license.

2300 km of autonomy
1242 MN of autonomy

Take a morning walk in Old Quebec, then visit a friend in Ontario in the evening. In VL3, everything is possible!

370 km/h
200 knots

The VL3 is simply one of the fastest side-by-side aircraft in its class!


A high-end finish

The VL3 Evolution features carbon controls, a high quality finish and an endless choice of interior and exterior colors.

Combine this with full carbon-Kevlar materials, a reserve parachute and an impressive “range”. How not to fall under its charm!

The cabin

The cabin has minimalist and well-designed lines, giving it a contemporary design look. The combination of extremely resistant materials, such as carbon and Kevlar fibers, ensures the safety of its occupants in case of emergency landing etc.

Ventilation & heating


The aircraft is equipped with a heating and ventilation system where warm air is distributed to the leg areas, while cold air is delivered through the dashboard vents. The “Strong Aveo” ventilation system can be ordered as an option.



The roof made of “acrylic glass” allows you to get a spectacular view from the plane during your flights. The canopy is offered in several color choices: clear, blue, green or brown.



Each instrument panel is made to measure for the customer, according to his wishes and the choice of the personalized specifications of his aircraft. The instruments are mounted on a plate that has been laser cut with surface markings created by screen printing. It is possible, as an option, to have a “carbon look” panel.



Comfortable and modern – select your choice of textile or leather designs, including your choice of color. The seats are equipped with four-point safety belts. You can also choose the color of the seams, the seat belts, the perforated leather or not and the color of the embroidery.

Luggage - Cargo Carrier


The luggage compartment is equipped with “earphone holders”. The luggage space allows for at least four “cabin” size pieces of luggage, such as when you travel by plane. Possibility of having one (or two) optional “cargo doors” that give access to the luggage compartment.


Helice DUC 4 pales

Choose between a fixed or variable pitch propeller. The latter allows you to improve climb and cruise performance and reduce your take-off distance. DUC Propellers, Woodcomp and EProps products are available.



The VL3 is equipped with BERINGER brakes, a company that manufactures a wide range of wheels and braking systems from ultra-light aircraft to certified aircraft. The BERINGER system offers the best braking power and is known for its reliable safety system. As an innovative company with 9 international patents, BERINGER is positioned as a leader in its industry.



The airframe is made entirely of composite materials and excels in its specific strength and excellent durability properties. The whole aircraft can be divided into individual units, i.e. In addition, both halves of the wing and tail surfaces, including the stabilizers, can be separated from the fuselage to facilitate transport of the aircraft.


The tail section uses a traditional, proven design. The internal structure of the stabilizers is similar to the construction of the wings. Therefore, the tail section can be completely removed from the hull, except for the keel, which is an integral part.


The aerodynamic configuration of the wings meets the appropriate characteristics for the aircraft. The separation of the airflow in the critical angle of the slope occurs at the root of the wing. This ensures proper handling of the machine until it drops and locks symmetrically. This allows for uniform and agile handling of the aircraft.


There are several propeller options, both fixed and variable pitch. The propeller is adjustable in flight to improve your climb and cruise performance. Its adjustment will also reduce your take-off distance. Woodcomp and DUC Propellers products are offered.


The VL3 is offered with three different engine options: Rotax 912, Rotax 914 and Rotax 915 iS. The Rotax 912 is known for its reliability and efficiency, which makes it ideal for flying long distances. The Rotax 914 is designed for pilots who are looking for improved speed (30 km/h (16 kts) @ FL 90), more power and more consistent performance at different altitudes. The Rotax 915 iS offers increased power, a better rate of climb at 2000 ft/min and its maximum cruise speed of 370 Km/h TAS is impressive. There are many options for the accessories you can add to your engine.


The VL3 is equipped with retractable trains, but is also available with fixed trains.


The acrylic glass canopy provides spectacular views from the aircraft throughout your flight and is lightly tinted for comfort. It is possible to add a protective sunshield).