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A word from the president

Welcome to the VL3 Canada website, exclusive Canadian distributor of JMB Aircraft’s high-end aircraft, including the fabulous VL3! I have been in the aviation business for almost thirty years and I can assure you that I have never been more impressed by the exceptional quality of construction of this company’s aircraft. I must say that we were particularly charmed by the unmatched performance of the VL3, but also by the values conveyed by the JMB Aircraft company.

We are therefore very proud to represent these little jewels of aviation, the VL3, Evolution (EVOT) and Phoenix models, but also to work in close collaboration with JMB Aircraft and its founders, the Guisset brothers, who have more than twenty years of experience in the aviation field.

We are very happy to be “partners” of this great international family!

Have a good surf!

Bernard Rouer

About VL3 Canada

VL3 Canada is a company that specializes in the exclusive Canadian sales and distribution of high-end aircraft for the various VL3,  Evolution (EVOT) and Phoenix models of JMB Aircraft.

Our mission

To offer our customers a personalized accompaniment so that they can live an exceptional experience throughout the process of acquiring their VL3, but also to understand the needs and expectations of each customer in order to offer them solutions adapted to their specific demands.

Our vision

Working and collaborating with passionate people who are both “accessible” and “innovative”. For VL3 Canada, passion is the “driving force” behind everything we do. We are committed to making you feel that same passion through our guidance.

Our values

Transparency, trust, respect, collaboration, listening and benevolence are all values that VL3 Canada promotes.


The first flight

Bernard Rouer made his very first microlight flight at the age of 14 during a trip to Portugal and it was at this very moment that he kept his dream of flying alive.

At the age of 22, Bernard bought his very first new tiltrotor and started teaching for different flying schools while combining his studies at the university. With a Bachelor’s degree in teaching in the physical education program, he finally decided to put his degree aside and realize his dream by opening his own flying school.

The 2000s

In the spring of 2000, the Rou-Air flight school was founded. Since its opening, Bernard has been able to develop business partnerships with the aeronautical community. Among other things, it became the exclusive Canadian distributor of DTA aircraft and has sold more than 60 new aircraft across the country. His numerous trips to Europe allowed him to collaborate with several suppliers that he then represented in Canada and with whom he still collaborates to this day.

Air events

Participating in several air events across Europe, it was in 2016 at the Friedrichshafen Air Show in Germany that he met Jean-Marie Guisset, President of JMB Aircraft and a partnership agreement was born.

In 2016, we had the great honor of hosting the crew members of the two VL3s that flew over and across the Atlantic Ocean from Belgium. They made a stopover in Quebec before continuing on to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Events and exhibitions

In 2017, ULM Canada was founded to promote the VL3 across Canada. The first two VL3s arrived in Quebec that same year.

Upon the arrival of the two VL3s in Quebec in the summer of 2017, JMB Aircraft entrusted ULM Canada with the task of organizing the set-up of the JMB booth to showcase the VL3s at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Two Canadian VL3s were exposed.

In the spring of 2018, 2019 as well as in 2022, Bernard Rouer participated in the first three editions of the RAID MERMOZ, the largest transcontinental air raid organized aboard VL3 912 ULS and VL3 915 IS. Following in the footsteps of Mermoz and l’Aéropostale, he flew several thousand kilometers over France, Spain, Mauritania, Morocco and Senegal.

New company

In view of the constant evolution and the international craze for JMB Aircraft products, Bernard Rouer and Julie Trépanier have decided to create a new company in 2022 to dedicate themselves exclusively to the sale of VL3s in Canada and thus pursue their dream of making JMB Aircraft products known throughout the country.


The team

Bernard Rouer


Founder of the Rou-Air flight school, of the ULM Canada distribution center and of the VL3 Canada company, Bernard Rouer’s reputation is well known. With more than 15,000 hours of flight experience, three quarters of which as an instructor, and as a flight examiner, Bernard is recognized by Transport Canada as a pillar in the world of aeronautical education and a true ambassador in the field of ultralight aviation.

Curious, in love with the air, with a head full of projects and a great adept of all kinds of adventures, he participated in three editions of the air raid in Europe with the Raid Mermoz team on board the VL3. His strength will certainly be to transmit his passion for flying in VL3.

Julie Trépanier
Marketing/Sales Manager


Julie Trépanier is a criminologist by training and a former criminal mediator for the Réseau Équijustice, an instructor, an authorized officer for Transport Canada and a CRO officer for Industry Canada. She is the co-founder of VL3 Canada. Having made the decision to devote herself entirely to the promotion and sale of the VL3 in Canada, she is in charge of the daily operations and organization of the company as well as being responsible for customer service.

Gathering, authentic and having the concern of well answering the needs and the expectations of our customers, she is the perfect person to coordinate the sales and the promotion!

Benoît Gadouas
Ontario Representative


Founder and partner of Sega Electric Inc. Benoît Gadouas has become one of the most recognized and reliable electrical contractors in Eastern Canada. His great management skills and his human values make him the ideal business partner for VL3 Canada.

Passionate about aviation for many years, Benoît Gadouas holds a microlight license and owns a VL3 in Ontario. Genuine, caring and highly professional, Mr. Gadouas is responsible for assisting our English-speaking clients in the promotion and sale of the VL3 in Canada.

JMB Aircraft

JMB Aircraft is the production company of the VL3, an aircraft designed by Vanessa Air and previously produced by Aveko.

Jean-Marie et Jean-Baptiste Guisset
Jean-Marie et Jean-Baptiste Guisset

Founded in 2012 by Jean-Marie and Jean-Baptiste Guisset, two Belgian brothers with over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, JMB Aircraft has continued to grow and innovate. To date, more than 500 VL3 aircraft have been sold worldwide and several international representatives are partners in this great adventure

As a result of a partnership agreement, JMB Aircraft has partnered with the “Evolution” aircraft, a unique 4-seater with a turbine engine (PT6-135A/750Hp éden Pratt & Whitney) currently produced and sold in the Czech Republic.

jmb aircraft