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Training-maintenance center

Become a pilot on a VL3. Take the complete training to obtain your ultralight license.

Training Center

VL3 Canada is proud to work in partnership with two Transport Canada recognized flight schools to offer its buyers complete training so you can fly your own VL3.

In collaboration with the Aviation Rou-Air (ARA) and the Académie de l’Aviation de Saint-Hyacinthe (AASH) flight schools, you will be accompanied to obtain the different permits/licenses required according to your needs and the category in which your aircraft will be registered (advanced ultralight category or limited special airworthiness category).

* We do not currently offer training on our VL3-DÉMO, only to VL3 owners


  • Ultralight Aircraft Permits
  • Ultra-light instructor annotation
  • Ultra-light passenger-carrying capacity
  • Recreational pilot license
  • Private pilot’s license
  • Commercial Pilot’s License
  • Flight instructor qualification

Flight development and skill maintenance

It is possible to take advanced flight training on your VL3 according to your personal needs. So whether you want to perfect your approaches in crosswinds or be accompanied on your first flight of the spring after a long period of time without flying, our instructor partners will be happy to guide you in your journey to become a better pilot! There is always room for improvement!

Maintien de competences

Convergence to VL3

This training is intended for PPL or ULM pilots so that they can make the transition to flying a VL3. Note that when you purchase your VL3, you will be offered hours of “hands-on” training. However, for those who want a more personalized training, focused on the optimal way to fly a VL3, according to all the performance spectrums of this aircraft, this service is for you!


Avionic-G3X Exchange-Training

In collaboration with its various invited partners, VL3 Canada offers you the possibility to follow training courses related to “Avionic” in order to get the most out of your Garmin G3X EFIS system such as mastering the management of your flight, the use of autopilot or navigation etc. Watch our “news” area for upcoming dates.


VL3 Canada has partnered with certified mechanics to offer you maintenance services for your VL3 ranging from your annual maintenance, dynamic propeller balancing, to composite repair work.

A maintenance workshop will soon be available on site.


Ceramic protection coating

You want to give your VL3’s paintwork a little shine, but above all protect it? We have the solution for you. The nano-ceramic treatment (microfilm protection adapted to composite materials) which will add, to the paint of your aircraft, an additional protection against discoloration by UV rays, insects or bird droppings and which will have a shining effect on the coated surface, anti-dirt and even water repellent, thus facilitating its cleaning!

VL3 Canada works with specialists in this technique who have been recruited because they are meticulous and perfectionists!