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VL3 Configurator

We are pleased to present the configuration tool for your future VL3. Whether it's just for fun or to create the plane of your dreams that you want to buy soon, this tool is for you!

Configuration steps

Choose the motorization

The different components included in the base price

Step 1

Choose the AVIONICS components

Garmin, Dynon, Transponder, ELT, battery backup, auto-pilot, traffic viewer and more

Step 2

Choose additional accessories

Adjustable pedals, landing gear camera, electric flaps, pitot heater, lights and more

Step 3

Choose the interior

Design, leather color, cabin size, certified belts, removable cushions and more

Step 4

Choose the exterior

Design, paint colors, wheel rims, propeller tips and more

Step 5

Get a price quote and order number

Number with which we can consult your configuration choices etc.

Step 6

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