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Design Director
JMB Aircraft

VL3 Canada is fortunate to work directly with the talented designer François Stelandre to help you create your dream design. Available, always listening to your needs, he will guide you to achieve the design that suits you!

And because you are important to us, you will be accompanied throughout the entire process of creating the complete design of your VL3!

François Stelandre

Exterior design

The VL3, a custom design for the exceptional person you are!

Color only

For those who love simplicity, a solid color plane!

Ultimate ONE

For those who want a unique/exclusive VL3 design that will never be copied or repeated, the designer’s word!

Ultimate Free

For those who wish to create their own design with the precious help of the JMB designer who will capture and take into consideration each of your ideas to realize your dream VL3!

Ultimate JMB

For those who wish to create their own design from a careful selection of 9 famous designs made by the JMB designer. You can then use a multitude of choices of colors that will match your desires.

Exclusive 915

A choice of 3 exclusive designs specially created for the VL3 with 915IS engines.

Interior design

The VL3, a comfortable, chic and refined interior, but above all one that takes your personality into account!


You can choose between 5 different models (Classic-Elegance-Race-Vintage or Cosy). You will also be able to select your choice of 7 popular leather colors and match them with the certified belt colors or select your choice of color from the complete Alcantra color catalog.


You will have the opportunity to choose from all the colors offered in the PANA leather range as well as to select all the colors in the ALCANTRA fabric range. The combination of several colors is also possible. An endless selection of stitching colors as well as all available belt colors.

Infinite choice of colors, patterns, textures!

The VL3 is unique just like you! Want to match the exterior colors of your VL3 with the colors of your dream car? No problem, just send us the color code and we will reproduce it for you! Do you like the all-leather seating style or do you prefer a fabric texture? No limits, your desires will be fulfilled by the choices offered to you!

An eye-catching exterior

Engines, colors or custom design, make your VL3 a unique device that will turn heads.